Blackpool Fireworks Shop is dedicated to bringing the best quality fireworks at the very best prices possible.

We currently stock Brothers Pyrotechnics & SkyCrafterBright StarJorge, Planet, Primed Pyro, Mars, and the superb Magnum Series.

We have a wide range of Category 3 and 1.3G fireworks available.

All the products on sale have been personally tested by ourselves, and comply to the latest CE guidelines and regulations.


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Sparklers and Sparkler packs


Our range of Sparklers.

Ideal for Bonfire parties, weddings or any other celebration

Selection Boxes and Garden kits


Classic firework selection boxes, for a perfect bonfire night party.

Just add rockets and sparklers.


Mini Barrages ( 0 - £15.00 )


Our smaller range of barrage fireworks, up to £15.00.

Ideal for the smaller garden firework display.

Midi Barrages ( £15 - £49.00 )


Here you will find our medium sized range of barrage display fireworks & Cakes, up to £50.00.



Large Barrages ( £50 upwards)


Our larger range of serious firework display barrages.

Priced from £50.00 upwards, these are for the larger firework displays.

Roman Candles, Mines & Single Shots


Classic Roman candle fireworks and awesome Mines.

Ideal addition to any firework display.

Fountains & Catherine Wheels


Our range of larger & wonderful fountains and Catherine Wheels.

A perfect addition to your garden firework display.

Rockets & Rocket Packs


Our range of rockets, ranging from pretty to pretty LOUD.

Includes our 1.3G rockets for awesome effects.

Display & Barrage Packs


The next step up from your traditional selection box, for your larger garden firework displays and parties.


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