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Customer ratings for Hercules

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Qaulity finale piece.
from on 05/11/2018
Hercules, Hercules Hercules, somehow managed to lose its reputation over the years which I find bizarre since this is by far one of the most enjoyable fireworks I have ever owned!

The cake starts off very slow leading you to think oh no what have I got here? Then all of a sudden fires multiple shots in quick volleys literally filling the whole sky with huge effects full of all different colours giving you a huge wow factor!! And the noise that follows is deathening.

This is by far the most underrated firework that sadly lost its reputation since it was slightly changed but after many bad reviews it’s back in true form and needs to be in your display as it’s too good not to have and for the price it’s an absolute bargain! My only negative here is I should have purchased 2 as a finale and not 1 but that really is my own fault!

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