War Hawk

War Hawk

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Best rockets you can buy.
from on 05/11/2018
Where do I start? You purchase a pack of these rockets and see they aren’t the biggest you can own in terms of size however when it comes to noise and effects? Then YES!!!! They really are.

These rockets are by far my favourite and simply do not compare the ultimate rocket it’s self the KING! Which will only get you 1 for the price of this pack.

War hawks are simply outstanding and create huge and I mean huge sky filling effects with the biggest thunderous bang that continues to echo for miles. You simply will not ever find a better rocket for the price and it’s an absolute no brainer to own for any display.

Little big tip. If you own a fire torch aka rothy then light the whole pack at once.. you will be amazed!!
5 stars excellent rockets
from on 03/11/2016
war hawk rockets are the best in the uk for price and effects .
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