The Gem Collection

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Underrated and simply brilliant!
from on 05/11/2018
I bought this barrage pack this evening having seen plenty of mixed reviews on and I must say I am absolutely shocked to see anyone complain about the Gem collection! The pack lives up to its name!

I started with the smaller cakes first and couldn’t believe my eyes, huge bursts, sky filling effects, and LOUD bangs!

Medium cakes, again had me in awe just couldn’t believe the effects that were coming out of smaller tubes that you would expect very little from. And again very noisy!

2x big cakes - wow! It was simply a display in a box, light the fuse stand back and look in shock at what you’re seeing and think to yourself how have I managed to get a box of unbelievable cakes that create some outstanding coloured to crackle effects for under £16 each?!!!!!

BARGAIN and a must have for those like me who much prefer bangs over fountains.
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