Dum Bum Multi Pack

Dum Bum Multi Pack

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from on 05/11/2018
I once came across a dum bum unexpectedly and wasn’t really sure what to expect, all I was told is expect the loudest firework you can buy on the market, having owned many finale pieces I was very skeptical. Well, how wrong was I?? I lit the fuse stood back and out of nowhere it was like my garden suddenly became an absolute war zone! I could not believe the sound of the thunderous, deathening titanium salute bangs! It was absolutely insane and something I will never forget!! If you want to go even bigger you can pair 2x 50 shots with most finale pieces to create an absolute monster....

Since I like effects in fireworks this one of course doesn’t produce sky filling ones, however it creates lightning like illusions to the point you pretty much miss it but the noise after almost leaves you frozen!

This firework is an absolute must have and I mean an absolute must have in any finale to go one better on your neighbour and since it now comes in with a pack for the price I can honestly say you will not find any louder since Klasek specialise in noise and know how to create the ultimate beasts!

My personal recommendation..

Brocade war with 2x 50 shot dum bum angled.

Thank me later :)
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