Cakes, Barrages & Multi Shot Fireworks

Cakes, Barrages & Multi Shot Fireworks

Mini Barrages ( 0 - £20.00 )


Smaller barrage multishot fireworks. 

Up to £20.00.


Midi Barrages ( £20 - £50.00 )


Medium sized barrage display fireworks. 

£20.00 to £50.00.


Large Barrages ( £50 upwards)


Range of serious firework display barrages.

£50 upwards.


Compound Fireworks


Compound Fireworks are the latest revolution in fireworks design.

These are multiple cakes, with varying effects and firing patterns, linked and pre-fused together in one box.

This enables you to light just one fuse, sit back, and enjoy the display.