Cakes, Barrages & Multi Shot Fireworks

Mini Barrages ( 0 - £20 )


Smaller barrage multishot fireworks. 

Up to £20.00.


Midi Barrages ( £20 - £50 )


Medium sized barrage display fireworks. 

£20.00 to £50.00.


Large Barrages ( £50 + )


Serious firework display barrages.

£50 upwards.


Compound Fireworks


Compound Fireworks are the latest revolution in fireworks design.

These are multiple cakes, with varying effects and firing patterns, linked and pre-fused together in one box.

This enables you to light just one fuse, sit back, and enjoy the display. 

Fan Cake Specials


Our selection of Professional effect Fan cake fireworks.

Fan cakes operate when the firing tubes inside are set at an angle, therefore shooting to the left and right as well as straight up.